Bernie Sanders is Most Popular Politician According to Polls

Senator Bernie Sanders seems to be the most popular in the U.S., according to recent polls. Bernie Sanders has been the junior United States Senator from Vermont since 2007. He was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York and graduated from the University of Chicago, where be became a political activist. There he became involved in the Civil Rights Movement by joining a group called the Young People’s Socialist League.

The polls are showing these days, Bernie Sanders has a 75% approval rating, since he left the Democratic presidential nomination to Hillary Clinton. He is a huge critic of President Donald Trump. He continues to express his frustrations about Trump’s administration of failures.

According to the Harvard-Harris survey 60% of Americans say that Bernie Sanders is a favorite. The demographics point to 80% of Democrats, 73% of black voters, and 68% of Hispanic voters see him as a favorite.

His popularity has come, despite less news coverage during the presidential campaign in 2016. During Super Tuesday last year- Clinton, Trump, Cruz, and Rubio were covered in full, but Bernie Sanders who was in Phoenix, Arizona was only covered for a few minutes. After July 2, 2016, Hillary Clinton became the Democratic nominee, and was endorsed by Bernie Sanders.

Bernie Sanders political views is progressive. He believes in socialism and believe that all Americans deserve a decent standard of living. Since the ending of his 2016 campaign, he still has social stances on trade, social benefits, climate change, social issues, financial reform, war & peace, and his total disdain for President Donald Trump issues. He believes in retaining the current healthcare program called Obamacare. His views on calling Donald Trump a “fraud,” his opposed feeling about the current Supreme Justice, Neil Gorsuch, and Trump’s current strike on Syria has him very upset.

Senator Bernie Sanders continue to be a popular among the Democratic party. He and his wife, Jane Sanders, who supports all of his views are fighting each day for LGBT rights, financial reform, his opposition to TPP, and his strong will to raise the minimum wage is among the many of the projects he plan live for. He has formed a political organization called “Brand New Congress and “Our Revolution.” He also began a webcast on Facebook, as of April 2, 2017, where he has over 25,000 shares. He has many guest who come on the exchange dialogue about the current political process and the future of politics.