According To A Rasmussen Poll, Fox News Should Bag The Trophy For Fake News


A majority of Americans are of the opinion that Fox News should bag the “Fake News Trophy.” These sentiments are coming up in the wake of Donald Trump’s continued onslaught on media houses. News agencies have found themselves at the center of President Trump’s backlash.

A new survey from a conservative-inclined agency, Rasmussen indicates that 40 percent of those interviewed agree that Fox News should carry the Fake News Trophy. The contest to win a Fake News Trophy was suggested earlier this week by Donald Trump. He took to social media and tweeted about the competition.

According to the poll, the first runners-up position goes to CNN. 25 percent of the respondents were of the opinion that CNN should win this trophy.

The second runners-up position was awarded to MSNBC with 9 percent. Other news agency such as ABC, CBS, and NCB got less than 5 percent of the support for the “gift.”

The poll also disclosed that the views of various media houses are divided along political lines.

More than half of the Democrats and 42 percent of voters who consider themselves to be neutral agreed that Fox News deserves the top post in the contest for a Fake News Trophy.

When the coin is flipped, the results are almost mirrored in the Republican camp. 24 percent of Republicans voted for Fox News, but a majority (40 percent) are of the opinion that CNN leads on the broadcast of Fake News. Only 13 percent of Democrats support CNN for the trophy.

More than half the voters who were polled (65 percent) consider fakes news as a big problem to the democracy.

The poll was commissioned in November 28th and ended on November 29th. A sample of 1,000 voters was polled giving the survey a margin of error of 3 percent.

The poll was responding to Donald Trump’s suggestion that networks should compete for a fake news medal. In his tweet, Trump suggested that Fox News should be left out of the competition. Fox News is one Trump’s favorite news network.