83 Percent Polled Disagree with Ajit Pai

The FCC, or Federal Communications Commission’s is planning to repeal their rules regarding neutrality on the net. According to a new poll from the Program for Public Consultation at the University of Maryland, over eighty percent of the voters are in opposition to this plan. Respondents were given detailed arguments from both the opponents and supporters of the plan prior to being asked their standing regarding the rules. The result showed a total of 83 percent were in favor of keeping the FCC’s rules. The percentages were 86 percent of the Independents, 89 percent of the Democrats and 75 percent of the Republicans.

As the Director for the program, Steven Kull made a statement. He said making a decision to repeal the neutrality of the net would be going directly against the opinion of the public. According to the school, experts on both sides of the debate had vetted the questionnaire for accuracy. On Thursday, the expectations are the regulations from the Obama era will be dismissed by the FCC, or federal trade commission. The rules stop any internet service providers from showing discrimination regarding web content, and the sites are not required to pay more for a faster delivery speed.

Once the repeal plan has gone into effect, internet providers will no longer face restrictions regarding engagement in discriminatory practices. Transparency in the way the providers choose to handle the traffic on the web will be required. The public wants to see neutrality on the net. Ajit Pai is the Chairman for the FCC. His argument is if any company attempts to cause harm to their competition, or deceive their clients, the FCC will have the right to take action.

The survey was reported by the Washington Post, and published on Monday. They asked the responders their opinions on each separate argument. Of all the voters questioned, 51 percent found the arguments unconvincing, while 48 percent agreed with repealing the rules. Only 35 percent of the Democrats were convinced by the arguments, while 59 percent of the Republicans were in agreement.

Of all the voters, three-quarters believed the argument given in favor of maintaining the rules was convincing. This included 78 percent of the Democrats and 72 percent of the Republicans. The poll took place from December 6th through December 7th. There were 1,077 registered voters polled online. The margin of error for this poll is only three percentage points.